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UK Fume Cupboard Testing: A Matter of Safety and Compliance in Laboratories

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Last updated on May 20, 2024

Fume Cupboard Testing A Matter of Safety and Compliance in UK Laboratories

Fume cupboards, also known as fume hoods, are essential pieces of laboratory equipment. They provide a controlled environment designed to remove hazardous fumes, vapours, and dust, protecting laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment. In the UK, strict regulations govern the installation, use, and regular testing of fume cupboards to ensure their continued effectiveness. This article delves into the importance of fume cupboard testing, the regulatory framework in the UK, and the dire consequences of non-compliance, especially within sensitive environments like schools.

The Critical Role of Fume Cupboard Testing

Fume cupboards function through a controlled airflow system. Air is drawn in through the front opening of the fume cupboard, capturing and carrying away hazardous substances, before being expelled outside via ducting or via filters in the case of ductless fume cupboards. They are vital in a range of settings, including:

  • Industrial Laboratories: Manufacturing processes often involve the use of volatile chemicals, solvents, and other hazardous materials.
  • Research Laboratories: University and research facilities handle a wide variety of chemicals in their experiments.
  • Educational Settings: School science laboratories, despite handling less potent substances, still require containment measures.

UK Regulations: COSHH and Beyond

In the UK, the primary legislation governing fume cupboard use and testing is the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH). COSHH mandates that employers take all reasonable steps to protect workers from exposure to harmful substances within the workplace. This includes:

  • Risk Assessment: Identifying and prioritising hazards associated with laboratory work.
  • Control Measures: Implementing hierarchical measures (elimination, substitution, engineering controls like fume cupboards, etc.).
  • Maintenance and Testing: Regular testing to ensure the continued efficacy of fume cupboards is crucial to fulfil COSHH obligations.

Furthermore, additional guidance exists specifically for fume cupboards:

  • BS EN 14175: A European standard detailing fume cupboard design, construction, and performance requirements.
  • HSG258: Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on controlling airborne contaminants at work, with sections dedicated to fume cupboards.
  • CLEAPSS G9: Specific guidance for fume cupboards in schools.

The Importance of Regular Fume Cupboard Testing

Thorough examination and testing of fume cupboards must take place at least every 14 months according to COSHH Regulation 9. This ensures their ongoing ability to:

  • Maintain Containment: Testing assesses face velocity (airflow into the cupboard) to ensure it remains within designed limits to prevent the escape of hazardous substances.
  • Handle Airflow Changes: Blockages, alterations in ductwork, or nearby disturbances can alter fume cupboard airflow patterns.
  • Address Wear and Tear: Components like fans, sashes, and filters may degrade over time, requiring maintenance or replacement for safety.

The Special Case of Schools

While the importance of fume cupboards applies universally, the school setting deserves special attention. Within schools there are several crucial elements to consider:

  • Vulnerable Population: Children are more susceptible to the harmful effects of chemical exposure, making reliable fume cupboards even more essential.
  • Smaller Scale, But Real Risks: School science classes may use fewer or less-concentrated chemicals, but the potential for harm remains.
  • Training and Awareness: Both teachers and students require training on the proper use of fume cupboards and the risks involved in their absence or misuse.

Visit our page on fume cupboard testing in schools for more information.

The Dire Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with regulations and ensure effective fume cupboards has far-reaching and potentially severe consequences:

  • Health Impacts: Exposure to hazardous substances can cause acute symptoms like skin irritation, respiratory distress, or poisoning. Long-term exposure increases the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Environmental Damage: Improperly vented fumes may be released directly into the environment, posing a wider hazard.
  • Legal Penalties: HSE can issue enforcement notices, fines, or even initiate prosecution for breaches of COSHH regulations.
  • Reputational Harm: Schools or laboratories with accidents due to faulty equipment risk negative publicity and loss of public trust.

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