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HTS Services - Your Nationwide Partner for Fume Cupboard Peace of Mind

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Fume Cupboard Services UK Wide Support

Holliday Technical Services (HTS) understands the critical role of fume cupboards in safeguarding laboratory environments, education and research processes. We offer nationwide servicing via our qualified technicians to provide personalised fume cupboard maintenance and inspections, regardless of your lab's size or location.

Whether you're:
  • A small research lab seeking assurance of optimal fume cupboard performance and employee protection.
  • A larger facility requiring peak performance through routine servicing and comprehensive maintenance plans.
  • A school, college or university looking to ensure timely fume cupboard testing
  • Integrating new fume cupboards and seeking seamless commissioning for optimal function and compliance.
HTS goes beyond just services; we offer peace of mind through:
  • Professionalism: Knowledgeable and dedicated technicians delivering meticulous inspections and services.
  • Reliability: Prompt service and consistent results minimising downtime and maximising research productivity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Flexible and transparent pricing options catering to your specific needs and budget.
  • Friendliness: Building long-term relationships based on trust and open communication.

Breathe easy knowing your fume cupboards are in the best hands. Explore HTS services and discover how they can partner with you to create a safer and more efficient laboratory environment.

Key Takeaways:
  • Nationwide reach with personalised service.
  • Tailored solutions for various lab sizes and needs.
  • Focus on optimal performance, safety, and peace of mind.
  • Professional, reliable, and cost-effective approach.

By partnering with HTS, you can ensure your fume cupboards are operating at their best, protecting your research and your team.

HTS Services

Trust HTS to Deliver Outstanding Fume Cupboard Services, Testing, Maintenance and Replacement Fume Cupboard Parts

Fume Cupboard Servicing Specialists

Fume Cupboard Servicing

Uncover Optimal Fume Cupboard Performance Through Meticulous Testing & Servicing 

Fume Cupboard Maintenance HTS

Fume Cupboard Maintenance

Optimise Lab Efficiency And Maximise Safety With A Comprehensive Fume Cupboard Maintenance Plan

Fume Cupboard Repair

Fume Cupboard Repair

Providing essential and timely testing, maintenance and repair of UK, European and USA model fume cupboards

Fume Cupboard Commissioning

Fume Cupboard Commissioning

Trust HTS for Fume Cupboard Commissioning and Recommissioning Services

PAT Testing for Laboratories and Schools

PAT Testing For Laboratories

We Offer Comprehensive PAT Testing For Laboratories And Schools Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Fume Cupboard Removal

Fume Cupboard Removal

As licensed waste carriers HTS have the experience and certification to remove your fume cupboards nationwide

Fume Cupboard Testing

Fume Cupboard Testing

Expert fume cupboard testing for safe labs. Trust our professionals for accurate results & compliance

HTS Services - Testimonials From Clients Like You

HTS Services All Makes and Models of Fume Cupboards

Ensuring a safe and efficient laboratory environment is paramount, and your fume cupboards and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems play a crucial role. Holliday Technical Services (HTS) offers comprehensive services to optimise their functionality and compliance.

Legal Compliance and Peak Performance:

  • Mandatory Testing: Fume cupboard testing is legally required every 14 months in the UK under COSHH regulations.
  • Beyond Compliance: Regular maintenance and servicing guarantee safety, performance, and efficiency beyond legal requirements.

HTS Expertise at Your Service:

  • Qualified Engineers: Our team conducts thorough testing, maintenance, and repairs in accordance with strict regulations and standards:
    • COSHH
    • BSEN 14175
    • BS 7989 (HSG258)
    • BB:88
  • Proactive Maintenance: Preventative programs identify and address potential issues before they impact performance or safety.
  • Quality Parts and Repair: We use top-quality components and meticulous workmanship for reliable repairs and replacements.

Nationwide Support and Broad Compatibility:

  • UK-Wide Coverage: We serve clients across the United Kingdom, ensuring prompt and reliable service wherever you are.
  • Diverse Equipment Expertise: We handle fume cupboards from various manufacturers and countries, as well as systems adhering to current UK regulations and standards.

Invest in Peace of Mind:

Partnering with HTS means confidence in a safe and efficient laboratory environment. We are committed to exceptional service and building long-term trust with our clients.

Contact us today to fine out more about HTS services and let's discuss your specific operational needs.

HTS Services - Fume cupboard FAQ's

How does a fume cupboard work?

A fume cupboard is a specialised ventilated enclosure designed to safely remove hazardous fumes, vapours, and gases from a laboratory environment. There are two main types:

  • Ducted Fume Cupboard: This type connects to a duct system and powerful fan, usually located on the building's roof. The fan pulls contaminated air through the fume cupboard and exhausts it safely outside.

  • Ductless Fume Cupboard: This type uses a series of specialised filters to clean contaminated air within the fume cupboard itself. The filtered air is then recirculated back into the laboratory.

Holliday Technical Services specialises in the testing, maintenance, and repair of both ducted and ductless fume cupboards, ensuring safety in your laboratory. We offer fume cupboard testing, maintenance and repair to laboratories, education and industry throughout the UK.

What is the best material for duct work?

While PVC is the most widely used material for fume cupboard ductwork, polypropylene offers superior chemical resistance, making it ideal for applications involving highly acidic substances. Metal ducting should generally be avoided due to potential reactivity with certain chemicals.

Note: Choosing the optimal ductwork material depends on the specific chemicals used in your laboratory. Holliday Technical Services can advise you on the best options for your fume cupboard setup. HTS provide a full range of fume cupboard services to laboratories, education and industry throughout the UK. Consider reaching out to us to discuss your fume cupboard maintenance needs.

how should i care for a fume cupboard?

Maintaining a safe and functional fume cupboard requires both regular inspection and professional servicing:

Legal Requirements: UK law mandates professional testing and maintenance of all fume cupboards at least every 14 months. Records and certificates must be kept on file.

Routine Checks: In addition to professional servicing, perform these checks regularly:

  • Visual Inspection: Examine the fume cupboard's overall condition.
  • Functionality Test: Ensure all alarms, controls, and filters are working properly.
  • Face Velocity Test: Verify adequate airflow.
  • Ductwork: Periodically inspect ducting and arrange for cleaning if necessary.
  • Lab Ventilation: Confirm the lab has sufficient make-up air inflow to support fume cupboard function.
  • Cleanliness: Promptly record and clean up any spills to prevent unwanted chemical reactions.

Holliday Technical Services provides expert fume cupboard testing, maintenance, and repair services. Contact us to ensure your fume cupboards remain compliant and safe.

Legal requirements for fume cupboard maintenance?

Several key pieces of UK legislation and standards govern the safe use and maintenance of fume cupboards. The most important include:

  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002: Mandates regular inspection and testing (at least every 14 months) to ensure fume cupboards effectively control exposure to hazardous substances.
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974: Places a general duty on employers to provide a safe working environment, which includes properly functioning fume cupboards.
  • BS EN 14175 and BS7989:2001: These British Standards provide detailed technical guidelines for the design, installation, and testing of fume cupboards.

Additionally, these regulations may also apply:

Holliday Technical Services can help you understand and comply with these legal requirements and ensure your fume cupboards adhere to the relevant standards. We offer a full range of fume cupboard testing, maintenance and repair services for any laboratory, educational establishment or industry in the UK.

HTS Services - News & Updates

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