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Fume Cupboard Alarms

We specialise in nationwide installation, repair and replacement of fume cupboard alarms. Don't risk lab safety. Ensure your fume cupboard alarms are 100% compliant and operational.

Protect Your Lab and Staff with Expert Fume Cupboard Alarms Services from HTS

Holliday Technical Services (HTS) is your trusted partner for ensuring optimal safety in your laboratory environment. We specialise in nationwide installation, repair and replacement of fume cupboard alarms, offering comprehensive solutions for fume cupboard safety.

Monitoring Airflow plays a crucial role in safeguarding your users:

  • Detecting airflow drops: By continuously monitoring airflow inside your fume cupboard, airflow monitors instantly alert you to any decrease, preventing potentially harmful substances from escaping.
  • Available in different configurations: Choose from basic airflow fume cupboard alarms to advanced options with sash high alarms and control outputs for fans (Version C).
  • Prioritising user safety: At HTS, we understand the critical nature of fume cupboard safety. That's why we provide expert installation and service to ensure your airflow monitoring devices function flawlessly and protect your staff.

Why choose HTS for your fume cupboard alarms?

  • Nationwide coverage: Our qualified technicians are just a call away, wherever you are in the UK we can help. 
  • Expertise and experience: We possess deep knowledge of fume hood alarm systems and best practices for optimal fume cupboard safety.
  • Personalised solutions: We assess your specific lab needs and recommend the ideal fume cupboard alarms system for your unique setup.
  • Quality assurance: We use only high-quality, reliable fume cupboard alarms systems for guaranteed performance and peace of mind.

Don't compromise on lab safety. Contact HTS today for a free consultation and ensure your fume cupboards are equipped with the essential alarms to protect your users and comply with regulations.

Fume Cupboard Repair Services Include:

We stock a large range of spare parts and consumables for our own equipment and can quickly source parts required for other makes and models.

Fume Cupboard Alarms

We work across many sectors in the UK, installing replacement fume cupboard alarms and airflow monitoring devices in all makes and models of fume cupboards, biosafety cabinets and a wide range of other fume extracted equipment.

Take a deep dive into some of the sectors we support nationwide and hear from present customers just like you.

Fume Cupboard Testing Education


Fume Cupboard Testing Research Lab


Fume Cupboard Testing Pharmaceuticals


Schools Fume Cupboards

Schools & Colleges

Meet HTS, Your Lab's Trusted Partner

HTS isn't just another fume cupboard service company - we're hopeful of becoming part of your extended lab family. From bustling research facilities to cosy workshops, we cater to laboratories of all sizes with personalised solutions and nationwide expertise.

Tailored Support, Unwavering Commitment:

  • Comprehensive service contracts: Enjoy complete peace of mind with regular maintenance, leaving you free to focus on ground breaking research.
  • Flexible options: Need a quick fix? We offer prompt, ad-hoc repairs to keep your lab running smoothly.
  • Personalised approach: You're not just a number. As a family-run business, we build genuine partnerships and value your trust.

Unmatched Expertise, Guaranteed Safety:

  • Fume cupboard specialists: Servicing fume hoods is our core business, accounting for 80% of our operations. This translates to in-depth knowledge and unwavering dedication to every project.
  • Rigorous compliance: We meticulously follow all relevant regulations, ensuring your employees are safeguarded and your lab operates legally.
  • Enhanced DBS: We run enhanced check with a check of the barred lists, which shows the same as an enhanced check plus whether the applicant is on the adults’ barred list, children’s barred list or both, for your protection.

Focus on Your Research, Let Us Handle the Rest:

Let HTS take care of your fume cupboards so you can focus on what you do best. We'll keep them running smoothly, safely, and efficiently, so you can breathe easy knowing your lab is in expert hands.

Protect Your Lab with Onsite, Accurate Fume Cupboard Airflow Monitor Calibration by HTS

At Holliday Technical Services (HTS), we understand the crucial role of properly calibrated fume cupboard airflow monitors in ensuring your laboratory's safety and compliance. Unfortunately, factory calibrations don't tell the whole story.

Why Onsite Calibration Matters:

  • Real-world accuracy: Your unique lab environment, including ductwork, air circulation, and fume hood placement, significantly impact airflow. Factory settings simply can't replicate these complexities.
  • Confident compliance: Regular onsite calibration, per COSHH and HSE regulations, ensures your monitors accurately reflect your fume hood's performance, guaranteeing compliance and peace of mind.
  • Enhanced safety: Accurate readings enable timely detection of airflow drops, allowing you to address potential hazards before they affect your staff.

HTS Onsite Calibration Services:

  • Nationwide coverage: Our qualified technicians come to you, minimising disruption and ensuring convenient service.
  • Expertise and experience: We hold extensive knowledge of various airflow monitors and calibration procedures.
  • State-of-the-art equipment: We use advanced tools to deliver precise and reliable calibrations.
  • Comprehensive reports: We provide detailed test certificates for your records.

Don't settle for inaccurate readings. Invest in onsite calibration by HTS and ensure your fume hoods operate at optimal efficiency, safeguarding your lab from potential hazards and upholding regulatory compliance.

Contact us today for a free consultation and quote!

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