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Fume Cupboard Maintenance

Optimise Lab Efficiency And Maximise Safety With A Comprehensive Fume Cupboard Maintenance Plan

Fume Cupboard Maintenance - HTS Commitment to Clients

We pride ourselves on our UK-wide reach, ensuring prompt and reliable fume cupboard maintenance and inspections with a personalised touch, no matter your location, no matter your laboratory size.

National Network, Local Care is what we at Holliday Technical Services strive for. So whether you are an intimate research laboratory with one/two fume cupboards or a sprawling university campus, we are honoured that you are considering a ad-hoc fume cupboard maintenance plan or wish to develop a deeper partnership with ongoing scheduled fume cupboard maintenance. View our full range of fume cupboard services.

Whether you're:

  • Seeking assurance: Rest easy when you work with HTS and let our meticulous fume cupboard technicians confirm that your fume cupboard is performing at its optimal level, guaranteeing the protection you deserve.
  • Maintaining peak performance: Our team of highly qualified engineers brings years of experience to your every need, from routine fume cupboard servicing to comprehensive maintenance plans, ensuring your equipment operates reliably and efficiently.
  • Optimising from the start: Trust Holliday Technical Services commissioning expertise to seamlessly integrate any new fume cupboards into your laboratory, guaranteeing optimal function and compliance from day one.

At HTS, we understand the critical role your fume cupboards maintenance plays in ensuring a safe and healthy research/learning environment. 

That's why we go beyond just offering fume cupboard services; we offer you peace of mind.

You can expect:

  • Professionalism: Our knowledgeable and dedicated team delivers every fume cupboard inspection and service with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Reliability: We pride ourselves on prompt service and consistent results, minimising downtime and maximising your research productivity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: We offer flexible and transparent pricing options to suit your budget and specific needs.
  • Friendliness: We believe in building long-term relationships with clients based on trust and open communication.

Are you ready to breathe easy knowing your fume cupboards are in the best hands? Explore Holliday Technical Services comprehensive range of fume cupboard testing, maintenance, servicing, and commissioning packages and discover how we can partner with you to create a safer and more efficient laboratory environment. View our full range of fume cupboard services.

Fume Cupboard Maintenance Focus On Education:

HTS work across many sectors in the UK, offering prompt and reliable fume cupboard maintenance to all. Learn More about the services we offer to educators in the UK.

Schools & Colleges

Fume Cupboard Testing Education

Safeguarding young minds and scientific aspirations by conducting expert fume cupboard maintenance for schools throughout the UK.


Fume Cupboard Testing For Research Labs

Partnering with universities and higher education, ensuring rigorous research thrives with safe and compliant fume cupboard maintenance.

Holliday Technical Services: Keeping Your Lab Safe and Running Efficiently

Holliday Technical Services (HTS) is your trusted partner for laboratory safety and equipment performance. With over 70 years of experience and expertise, we provide comprehensive services beyond just regulatory compliance.

Our Solutions:

  • Fume cupboard and LEVs expertise: Testing, maintenance, optimisation, and lifespan extension for peak performance.
  • Enhanced laboratory efficiency: Minimised downtime and smoother workflows.
  • Safer and healthier environment: Protecting your team and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Tailored solutions: From new equipment installation to refurbished options, we fit your budget and needs.
  • UK-wide coverage: Prompt and reliable support wherever you are.

Don't let fume cupboard maintenance hinder your research or education. Contact HTS today and let us keep your lab running smoothly and safely. 

COSHH - The Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) 2002 regulations prioritise employee protection from exposure to hazardous substances, particularly in laboratory environments. Here, fume cupboards with their integral local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems play a crucial role in risk mitigation.

COSHH Regulation 9 mandates proactive maintenance for effective LEV control. This includes maintaining fume cupboards in optimal working order and good repair, with thorough examinations and testing conducted at least every 14 months, and potentially more frequently for high-risk processes.

By adhering to these regulations and partnering with qualified service providers like Holliday Technical Services, laboratories can achieve optimal safety standards while fostering productive research environments.

View the COSHH Regulations

fume cupboard maintenance FAQS

how often should fume cupboards be tested

In the UK, the answer depends on two factors:

  • Legally: The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations 9 require thorough examination and testing of local exhaust systems (including fume cupboards) at least every 14 months.
  • Your specific usage: High-risk situations, as identified by risk assessments, may require more frequent testing. Additionally, you should conduct regular in-house inspections based on the unit's usage (hours per day, chemicals used).

Remember: Fume cupboard malfunctions can put lives at risk. To be extra cautious, HTS offers Scheduled Maintenance Plans to ensure your fume hoods are always tested and maintained on time.

how do you clean fume cupboards

Keeping your fume cupboards safe and compliant:

Regular inspections and cleaning are crucial for safe and efficient fume cupboard operation. Here's a breakdown of routine maintenance to follow:


  • Cleanliness: Use mild disinfectant cleaner on outer surfaces, chemical neutraliser on the inner cabinet and base, and glass cleaner on the sash.
  • Sealant and fixtures: Check and clean sealant around drip cups, sinks, and wastes. Inspect service valves and outlets for leaks or damage.
  • Mobile and semi-mobile units: For mobile cupboards, check the pre-filter and main filter(s). For semi-mobile units, visually inspect the flexible ductwork.


  • Deep clean: Remove and clean the back baffle with a chemical neutraliser. Clean the interior chamber surface.
  • Mobile cupboards: Replace the pre-filter and inspect/replace main filter (if needed).
  • Semi-mobile units: Re-inspect the flexible ductwork.


  • Thorough examination and testing: As required by COSHH regulations, a competent person must conduct a thorough examination and testing of the fume cupboard at least every 14 months.

By following these fume cupboard maintenance steps, you can ensure your fume cupboards are operating effectively and complying with safety regulations. Remember, always isolate electrical and mechanical services before cleaning or maintenance, and prioritise chemical safety throughout the process.

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