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Safeguarding Science: How HTS Keeps Your Lab Running Smoothly

Expert Fume Cupboard Servicing & Maintenance for Optimal Lab Performance & Safety in the UK

Founded with Sustainability and

Safety in Mind

Holliday Technical Services (HTS) was born from a commitment to safeguard both laboratory environments and the well-being of those within them. As the dedicated service, maintenance, and installation arm of Holliday Fielding Hocking Ltd, a leading supplier of fume cupboards across the UK that has been supplying UK laboratories for over 70 years, we understand the crucial role these systems play in scientific research and education.

Beyond Compliance, Towards Efficiency:

Our expertise extends beyond ensuring regulatory compliance. We offer a comprehensive range of services – from COSHH testing and routine maintenance to system optimisation and lifespan extension – designed to keep your fume cupboards, fume extract systems, fans, and LEVs operating at peak performance. This translates to enhanced laboratory efficiency, minimised downtime, and ultimately, a healthier, more productive environment for your team.

Solutions for Every Stage:

Whether you require new equipment commissioning, safe disposal of outdated systems, or cost-effective alternatives like our selection of over 20 used and refurbished fume cupboards, HTS provides tailored solutions to fit your budget and unique needs, ensuring timely fume cupboard testing and fume cupboard maintenance, don't impede your research or educational efforts.

Beyond Boundaries, Always Accessible:

Our knowledgeable and experienced service, maintenance, and installation team covers the entire United Kingdom, offering prompt and reliable support wherever you are located. We're just a phone call away, ready to address your concerns and ensure the smooth operation of your vital laboratory equipment.


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Our Management team

Mike Our Managing Partner

Mike possesses a lifetime of experience in fume cupboard and local exhaust ventilated equipment. A lead from the front boss, Mike will always be around to answer any questions you have with regards your project or future development plans.

Mike Holliday


Jane Our Finance Manager

Jane is our companies cornerstone, as head of Human Resources and Finance, Jane makes sure we dot the 'i' and cross our 't' when it comes to customer service and accounts. If you have a finance issue, Jane is always on hand to help.

Jane Miller-Holliday

finance manager

Sarah Our Project Manager

Sarah is without doubt the heart of our service business. Her role is to manage your project and our engineers ensuring the timely delivery of our services to you. If you have a question, reach out to Sarah, she is our organisations whizz.

Sarah Wilkinson


Lee Our Senior Engineer

Lee has been with us for over 17 years and has undertaken thousands of fume cupboard servicing and installation projects. If we had a Ninja on our team, Lee would be the jonin, the high ninja. He's the 'go too guy' to get the job done.

Lee Wilkinson

senior engineer

Fume Cupboard Servicing ~ The Facts

It is a legal requirement for fume cupboards to be tested at least every 14 months. Maintenance and servicing is essential for the continued safety, performance and efficiency of your fume cupboard and LEV equipment.

Fume Cupboard Servicing carry out fume cupboard and LEV testing, preventative maintenance, parts replacement and repair in accordance with COSHH, BSEN 14175, BS 7989 (HSG258) and BB:88, using our own dedicated engineers, throughout the UK.


We can offer these services for any UK, European or US manufactured product that meet current standards and regulations.

Services We Offer Include

  • Laboratory fume cupboard testing and maintenance
  • School fume cupboard testing and maintenance
  • Commissioning new or modified fume cupboards
  • Face and duct velocity testing
  • Visual fume cupboard inspection and reports
  • Rebalancing of fume extract systems
  • Recalibration of fume cupboard airflow monitors and controls
  • Fume extract fan belt replacement and re-tensioning
  • Fume cupboard filter replacement and filter disposal
  • 6 and 12 monthly preventative maintenance
  • Fume cupboard repairs and alterations
  • Fume cupboard cleaning and decontamination
  • LEV testing and maintenance

We stock a large range of spare parts and consumables for our own equipment and can quickly source parts required for other makes and models. Locate Specific Fume Cupboard Parts Here.

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