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Fume Cupboard Fans

HTS Your One-Stop Shop for Supply and Fit of Efficient Fume Cupboard Fans with Nationwide Coverage

 Your One-Stop Shop for Fume Cupboard Fan Replacements

Holliday Technical Services, the UK's trusted specialist for fume cupboard service and maintenance, ensures your laboratory functions flawlessly with our comprehensive range of replacement fume cupboard fans. We supply and install fans of various sizes and types, suitable for fume cupboards, biosafety cabinets, and local exhaust systems nationwide.

Unmatched Performance and Reliability:

We offer a wide range of centrifugal fans for their exceptional performance, low stalling tendencies, and long-lasting dependability. Including:

  • Single-phase motors: Ideal for smaller applications, ensuring efficient operations at lower power demands.
  • 3-phase motors: Delivering enhanced longevity and robust power handling for larger systems.
  • Direct drive technology: Eliminates belts and pulleys, preventing wear and tear for smoother, more reliable operations.
  • ATEX-rated fans: Specially designed for safe use in highly flammable or explosive environments.

Energy Efficiency at the Forefront:

Complying with the latest regulations, all our fans with 0.75kW motors or higher come equipped with user-friendly inverters. This technology not only reduces energy consumption but also provides precise and stable airflow, often eliminating the need for constant air volume series dampers (CAV).

Expert Guidance for Perfect Fit:

Our highly qualified team provides expert assistance in specifying the ideal fan size and motor power for your unique needs. We carefully consider potential future expansions and usage changes to ensure your chosen solution adapts seamlessly as your requirements evolve.

Contact Holliday Technical Services Today:

Breathe easy knowing your fume cupboard operates at peak performance with reliable replacement fans from Holliday Technical Services. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover the perfect solution for your laboratory.

Our Fume Cupboard Repair Services Include:

  • Laboratory fume cupboard repair, testing and maintenance
  • School fume cupboard repair, testing and maintenance
  • Commissioning new or modified fume cupboards
  • Face and duct velocity testing
  • Visual fume cupboard inspection and reports
  • Rebalancing of fume extract systems
  • Recalibration of fume cupboard airflow monitors and controls
  • Fume extract fan belt replacement and re-tensioning
  • Fume cupboard filter replacement and filter disposal
  • 6 and 12 monthly preventative maintenance
  • Fume cupboard repairs and alterations
  • Fume cupboard cleaning and decontamination
  • LEV testing and maintenance

We stock a large range of spare parts and consumables for our own equipment and can quickly source parts required for other makes and models.


We work across many sectors in the UK, offering replacement fans for all makes and models of fume cupboards, biosafety cabinets and a wide range of other fume extracted equipment.

Take a deep dive into 4 of the sectors we support nationwide and hear from present customers just like you.

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Fume Cupboard Testing Pharmaceuticals


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Fume Cupboard Testing Industry


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Worry-Free Fume Cupboard Care From HTS

At Holliday Technical Services (HTS), we go beyond simply offering replacement fume cupboard fans. We provide a comprehensive solution that guarantees safety, efficiency, and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: ground breaking research and innovation.

Here's how HTS elevates your fume cupboard experience:

  • Unrivalled Expertise: Our dedicated team boasts unmatched knowledge in fume cupboard servicing and parts replacement, ensuring your system operates at peak performance and compliance.
  • Tailored Solutions: From fully-managed service contracts for complete peace of mind to prompt ad-hoc repairs when needed, we offer flexible solutions that perfectly match your individual needs and budget.
  • Proactive Maintenance: We proactively identify and address potential issues before they become costly problems, preventing downtime and maximising the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Compliance Guaranteed: We meticulously ensure adherence to all relevant regulations, safeguarding your employees and your organisation from liability risks.
  • Seamless Replacements: Our high-quality replacement fans offer superior energy efficiency while ensuring optimal fume containment, reducing both energy costs and environmental impact.

Don't settle for the bare minimum. Choose HTS and experience the difference:

  • Reduced Costs: Our optimised systems minimise energy consumption and prevent costly breakdowns, saving you money in the long run.
  • Enhanced Safety: Safeguard your employees' health and well-being with a compliant and well-maintained fume cupboard system.
  • Increased Productivity: Eliminate downtime and focus on critical research, knowing your fume cupboard(s) are in expert hands.
  • Unwavering Support: Enjoy personalised service and responsive communication from our dedicated team, ensuring your concerns are always addressed.

Contact HTS today and discover how our comprehensive fume cupboard solutions can elevate your laboratory operations to new heights. 

Upgrade Your Fume Cupboard Fans with Holliday Technical Services

In laboratories, efficient fume cupboard ventilation is not just a concept talked about by safety officers, it's a lifeline for your laboratory. A malfunctioning system poses serious health risks, potentially causing short-term illnesses like respiratory irritation and long-term consequences like asthma or even cancer.

The Health and Safety Authority warns that poorly designed, installed, or maintained fume cupboards can become pollution traps instead of safeguards for science. This not only endangers personnel but also leads to wasted resources and a false sense of security.

Many underestimate the complexities of laboratory ventilation, leading to ineffective systems that fail to capture harmful fumes and dust. Don't be one of them!

Holliday Technical Services offers the solution: modern, high-efficiency replacement fans designed to maximise safety and minimise risk.

Here's why upgrading your fans with HTS is the smart choice:

  • Unparalleled Safety: Breathe easy knowing you're protected with our cutting-edge fans, ensuring proper fume containment and a healthy lab environment.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Our innovative technology slashes fan energy consumption by up to 20%, saving you money while protecting the environment.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team of specialist fume cupboard engineers helps you choose the perfect fan for your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with regulations.
  • Nationwide Service: We provide comprehensive installation and maintenance services throughout the UK, ensuring seamless integration and long-term peace of mind.

Don't gamble with the health of your employees and the safety of your lab. Upgrade your fume cupboard fans with Holliday Technical Services today.

Contact us for a free consultation and discover how we can protect your people and your resources.

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