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Fume Cupboard Commissioning

Commissioning a new fume cupboard is not just about getting it operational; it's about establishing a crucial baseline for future performance and safety. Talk to us about your fume cupboard commissioning

Fume Cupboard Commissioning and Maintenance

At Holliday Technical Services [HTS], we understand the critical role fume cupboards play in ensuring the safety of laboratory personnel and the integrity of research and industrial processes. That's why we offer nationwide, professional commissioning and testing services for all types of fume cupboards, serving laboratories, educational institutions, and industrial facilities across the UK.

New Fume Cupboard Commissioning: Setting the Standard for Safety

Commissioning a new fume cupboard is not just about getting it operational; it's about establishing a crucial baseline for future performance and safety. Our expert engineers meticulously follow manufacturer specifications to configure and test your fume cupboard, including:

  • Precise air volume and fan speed settings: We use calibrated instruments to ensure your cupboard maintains the optimal airflow rate for safe containment, as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Damper and inverter adjustments: We optimise damper and inverter settings for efficient, consistent operation and energy savings.
  • Comprehensive safety checks: We conduct rigorous tests to verify proper functionality of all safety features, electrical systems, and alarms.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion, we issue a commissioning certificate, ensuring your fume cupboard meets all regulatory standards.

Recommissioning for Ongoing Peace of Mind

Any modification to your fume cupboard or its ventilation system, such as relocation, fan replacement, or new ducting, necessitates recommissioning to ensure continued safety and performance. Our team provides comprehensive recommissioning services, including:

  • Recalibration and adjustments: We meticulously reconfigure and calibrate your fume cupboard to account for the changes, ensuring optimal airflow and containment.
  • Updated safety checks: We conduct all necessary safety checks to guarantee the integrity of your modified system.
  • New certification: We issue an updated test certificate, reflecting the current configuration and performance of your fume cupboard.

Choose Confidence, Choose Holliday Technical Services

By partnering with Holliday Technical Services [HTS], you gain access to:

  • Nationwide coverage: We serve businesses and institutions across the UK, ensuring prompt and convenient service.
  • Highly qualified engineers: Our team comprises experienced, certified professionals with in-depth knowledge of all fume cupboard types and current regulations. We test fume cupboards and LEVs in accordance with COSHH, BSEN 14175, BS 7989, HSG258 and BB:88 [withdrawn] Replaced By G9 Fume cupboards in schools.
  • State-of-the-art equipment: We utilise the latest instruments and testing methods to deliver accurate and reliable results.
  • Unwavering commitment to safety: We prioritise the safety of your personnel and processes above all else.

Contact us today for a free consultation and experience the difference expert fume cupboard commissioning and maintenance can make. Let us help you safeguard your people, projects, and peace of mind.


We work across many sectors in the UK, commissioning all makes and models of fume cupboards, biosafety cabinets and a wide range of other fume extracted equipment.

Take a deep dive into 4 of the sectors we support nationwide and hear from present customers just like you.

Fume Cupboard Testing Education


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Fume Cupboard Testing Research Lab


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Fume Cupboard Testing Pharmaceuticals


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Fume Cupboard Testing Industry


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Services We Offer Include

  • Laboratory fume cupboard testing and maintenance
  • School fume cupboard testing and maintenance
  • Commissioning new or modified fume cupboards
  • Face and duct velocity testing
  • Visual fume cupboard inspection and reports
  • Rebalancing of fume extract systems
  • Recalibration of fume cupboard airflow monitors and controls
  • Fume extract fan belt replacement and re-tensioning
  • Fume cupboard filter replacement and filter disposal
  • 6 and 12 monthly preventative maintenance
  • Fume cupboard repairs and alterations
  • Fume cupboard cleaning and decontamination
  • LEV testing and maintenance

We stock a large range of spare parts and consumables for our own equipment and can quickly source parts required for other makes and models.


Your Trusted Partner for Complete Fume Cupboard Solutions

At HTS, we understand the critical role fume cupboards play in your organisation. Whether you're a prestigious university, a renowned research institution, or a leading industrial player, we're committed to providing you with the highest level of fume cupboard commissioning, testing, and maintenance services across the UK.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

We value every client and take pride in partnering with some of the most respected organisations and well-known brands in the UK. Our proven track record is built on:

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding: We possess in-depth expertise in fume cupboard systems, including ducting installation, extraction equipment, fume cupboard commissioning and maintenance procedures.
  • Dedicated technical team: Our fully qualified and experienced engineers are equipped to handle any fume cupboard challenge, from new installations to complex modifications.
  • Comprehensive service offering: We go beyond just fume cupboards. We offer full ducting installation, testing, and maintenance services, providing a true 360-degree approach.
  • Single point of contact: Simplify your management by relying on just one trusted partner to handle all your fume cupboard needs.

One Call, Complete Peace of Mind

Partnering with Holliday Technical Services means:

  • Enhanced safety: We ensure your fume cupboards operate at optimal performance, guaranteeing the safety of your staff and the integrity of your processes.
  • Streamlined operations: Our comprehensive services eliminate the need to coordinate with multiple vendors, saving you time and resources.
  • Regulatory compliance: We stay up-to-date on all relevant regulations and ensure your fume cupboards meet all compliance requirements.
  • Exceptional value: We deliver cost-effective solutions that maximise your investment in fume cupboard safety and performance.

Ready to experience the difference?

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us demonstrate how our expertise can elevate your fume cupboard management. We're confident you'll see why so many prestigious organisations and well-known brands trust us to safeguard their people, processes, and provide peace of mind.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance: Your Fume Cupboard Testing Partner

At HTS, we offer nationwide, professional testing services for laboratories, educational institutions, and industrial facilities across the UK, ensuring your fume cupboards operate safely and efficiently.

Meeting Legal Requirements and Exceeding Standards:

  • COSHH Compliance: We ensure your fume cupboards comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2005 (COSHH), including mandatory 14-month testing cycles.
  • BS EN 14175 & BS 7989: Our tests adhere to recognised industry standards like BS EN 14175 and BS 7989:2001, providing complete trust in their accuracy and validity.
  • Comprehensive Examination: We go beyond the minimum, thoroughly examining all aspects of your fume cupboards, ducts, and associated equipment for optimal performance and safety.
  • Detailed Reporting: You receive comprehensive reports detailing test results, any identified issues, and recommended actions, complete with certification details for all calibrated instruments used (copy calibration certification is available upon request).

Trustworthy Expertise, Nationwide Service:

  • Highly Qualified Engineers: Our team comprises experienced, certified professionals with in-depth knowledge of fume cupboard testing and regulations.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We utilise cutting-edge instruments to deliver precise and reliable results, ensuring accurate compliance assessment.
  • Nationwide Coverage: We serve businesses and institutions across the UK, providing prompt and convenient testing services.
  • Commitment to Your Needs: We prioritise open communication and tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Your Fume Cupboard Compliance Partner:

By partnering with Holliday Technical Services, you gain:

  • Confidence in safety: Ensure the well-being of your personnel and maintain regulatory compliance with thorough, accurate testing.
  • Streamlined operations: Reduce administrative burden with clear, detailed reports and a single point of contact for all your testing needs.
  • Maximised efficiency: Identify and address potential issues before they become problematic, ensuring optimal fume cupboard performance.
  • Reduced risk: Minimise regulatory exposure and potential fines with our expert compliance guidance.

Contact us today for a free consultation and experience the difference expert fume cupboard testing can make. Let us help you protect your people, your processes, and your peace of mind.

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