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Trusted Testimonials For HTS

Read how our comprehensive solutions Help to Transform Service of laboratories in the UK. View a selection of testimonials for hTS.

testimonials for HTS

Over 15000+ Fume Cupboards Serviced and Counting

Fume Cupboard Testing

Talk to us about your fume cupboard testing needs. We offer fully COSHH compliant, UK wide onsite servicing carried out by our own experienced engineers.

Fume Cupboard Maintenance

Safeguard your laboratory, Transforming Service and maximising efficiency with Holliday Technical Services, the UK's leading fume cupboard service and repair specialist. Full UK coverage.

Fume Cupboard Repair

From minor tweaks to major overhauls, Holliday Technical Services have successfully transformed the service of thousands of UK labs. Find out why our clients consider us as No.1 for fume cupboard repairs.

Transforming Service: Ensuring Laboratory Safety and Performance

Maintaining optimal functionality and safety within your laboratory is paramount. A crucial element of this responsibility lies in ensuring the proper operation of your fume cupboards and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. Laboratories Trust HTS to deliver outstanding service. Read Testimonials for HTS below or learn more about our team here.

Legal Compliance and Optimal Performance:

In the UK, fume cupboard testing is a legal requirement, mandated at least every 14 months under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulation 9. Beyond legal compliance, regular maintenance and servicing are essential for upholding the safety, performance, and efficiency of your fume cupboards and LEV equipment

Comprehensive Expertise at Your Service:

Holliday Technical Services offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to address all your ventilated equipment needs. Our team of fully qualified and experienced engineers conduct:

  • Fume cupboard and LEV testing in accordance with the latest regulations and standards, including COSHH, BSEN 14175, BS 7989 (HSG258), and BB:88.
  • Preventative maintenance programs to proactively identify and address potential issues before they impact performance or safety.
  • Parts replacement and repair using top-quality components and meticulous workmanship.

Nationwide Accessibility and Broad Compatibility:

We proudly serve clients across the entire United Kingdom, ensuring prompt and reliable support wherever you are located, view testimonials for HTS below. Furthermore, our expertise extends to a wide range of equipment, offering services for:

  • Fume cupboards manufactured in the UK, Europe, China or the US
  • Systems adhering to current UK regulations and standards

Invest in Peace of Mind:

By partnering with Holliday Technical Services, you can rest assured that your laboratory environment is operating safely and efficiently. We are committed to providing exceptional service and building long-term trust with our clients and transforming fume cupboard services.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and schedule your next fume cupboard inspection.

what our clients say

Testimonials For HTS - Trusted By UK Laboratories

Services We Offer

Fume Cupboard Testing

Trust the experts: Uncover optimal fume cupboard performance through meticulous testing from HTS

Fume Cupboard Maintenance

Optimise lab efficiency and maximise safety with a comprehensive fume cupboard maintenance plan

Fume Cupboard Repair

HTS delivers trusted fume cupboard repairs on UK, European and USA model fume cupboards to ensure safety and performance 

Fume Cupboard Removal & Disposal

Streamline your lab transformation. HTS are licensed waste carrier and can ensure safe and compliant removal and disposal of redundant fume cupboards

Fume Cupboard Commissioning

Holliday Technical Services guarantees laboratory readiness with expert commissioning of both ducted and ductless fume cupboards across the UK.

Replacement Fume Cupboard Parts

Holliday Technical Services, your UK one-stop shop for an extensive range of replacement fume cupboard parts, fume cupboard filters, and fans.

PAT Testing for Laboratories

Protect your people and research: Trust Holliday Technical Services for reliable PAT testing of your fume cupboards and laboratory equipment, nationwide

New & Used Fume Cupboards For Sale

HTS can access a vast range of new and used fume cupboards, laminar flow cabinets, Class II Biosafety cabinets and vented enclosures.

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0113 245 4111


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