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pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance

Ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of your pharmaceutical lab. Our Pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance Service keep your research environment protected.

Pharmaceutical fume cupboard Maintenance

Fume Cupboard Testing & Maintenance for UK Pharmaceutical Labs

Regular fume cupboard testing is essential for maintaining a safe and compliant research environment within UK pharmaceutical laboratories. Holliday Technical Services specialises in pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance and testing, safeguarding your valuable staff and research assets. We provide comprehensive services tailored for both ducted and mobile filtered fume cupboards, ensuring optimal performance and regulatory compliance in pharmaceutical laboratories across the UK.

Ensure Compliance, Protect Your Pharmaceutical Research

Holliday Technical Services helps pharmaceutical labs meet their legal obligations under COSHH Regulation 9. We conduct mandatory Thorough Examinations and fume cupboard testing for pharmaceutical research facilities every 14 months, encompassing all makes and models, whether ducted or filtered. Our pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance service ensures your lab adheres to the highest safety standards and regulatory requirements. 

Comprehensive Fume Cupboard Solutions for Pharmaceutical Labs

Our pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance service goes beyond mere compliance. We meticulously assess your equipment, identify potential issues, and offer complete servicing, repairs, and replacement parts, including specialised filters for ductless fume cupboards. Our in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical lab environments enables us to provide tailored solutions that ensure a safe, functional, and productive workspace for your pharmaceutical research.

Trust the Pharmaceutical Fume Cupboard Specialists

Holliday Technical Services is the trusted partner for pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance in the UK . Our comprehensive testing program is designed to meet the unique needs of pharmaceutical research facilities. Our rigorously trained team adheres to the highest safety standards (BS 7989:2001, BS EN14175:2003, COSHH REG9, HSG258), and all our engineers are DBS checked. Our accreditations with Reset, Constructionline, SafeContractor, and BSI further demonstrate our unwavering commitment to safety and compliance within the pharmaceutical industry.

Your One-Stop Shop for Pharmaceutical Fume Cupboard Maintenance Solutions

We source a wide range of state-of-the-art fume cupboards specifically tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical research facilities. Our extensive selection includes:

  • Ductless demonstration fume cupboards: Ideal for showcasing safe practices and educational purposes.
  • Ducted fume cupboards: Providing powerful containment for hazardous materials in your main laboratory areas.
  • PCR cupboards: Specialised protection for sensitive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) processes.
  • Biosafety cabinets: Ensuring the safety of both personnel and samples in biological research.
  • Other essential LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilated) equipment: We can help you equip your lab with the full range of safety and ventilation equipment you need.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and budget, ensuring you find the perfect fume cupboard solutions to enhance the safety, compliance, and efficiency of your pharmaceutical research. Let us streamline your procurement process and deliver the cutting-edge equipment your lab deserves.

Fume Cupboard Services for universities & Industry

If you are looking for specific services for universities or industry, follow the links here to access the right information. We work across many sectors in the UK including universities, aerospace, textiles and energy, testing all makes and models of fume cupboards, biosafety cabinets LEV equipment, PCR Cabinets, Laminar Flow, Balance Enclosures and Extraction Arms.

Take a deep dive into the services we offer to universities and industry in the UK and hear from present customers just like you.

Fume Cupboard Testing Education


Fume Cupboard Testing Industry


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Fume Cupboards In Pharmaceuticals Labs 

Pharmaceutical Fume Cupboard Maintenance

Holliday Technical Services carry out pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance throughout the UK, as well as offering parts replacement and repair in accordance with COSHH, BSEN 14175, BS 7989 (HSG258) and BB:88.


We can offer these services for any make or model of fume cupboard that meet current standards and regulations. Contact HTS for fume cupboard maintenance in your pharmaceutical lab.

Services We Offer Pharmaceutical Lab Include:

  • Lab fume cupboard testing and maintenance
  • Commissioning new or modified fume cupboards
  • Pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance ad-hoc or scheduled service
  • Face and duct velocity testing
  • Visual fume cupboard inspection and reports
  • Rebalancing of fume extract systems
  • Recalibration of fume cupboard airflow monitors and controls
  • Fume extract fan belt replacement and re-tensioning
  • Fume cupboard filter replacement and filter disposal
  • 6 and 12 monthly preventative maintenance
  • Fume cupboard repairs and alterations
  • Fume cupboard cleaning and decontamination
  • LEV testing and maintenance
  • New fume cupboard purchase
  • Used fume cupboard supply, delivery and installation

We stock a large range of spare parts and consumables for a wide range of fume cupboards that are used in pharmaceuticals laboratories and we can quickly source parts from our network of trusted partners, if we do not have your specific item in stock. HTS also offer an expert fitting service for any parts ordered alongside our pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance service.

Pharmaceutical Fume Cupboard Maintenance Specialists

Fume Cupboard Services For Pharma Labs

Pharma Fume Cupboard Testing

Holliday Technical Services provides comprehensive fume cupboard testing services specifically tailored for pharmaceutical laboratories across the UK. We understand the critical role these systems play in protecting your staff and research from hazardous substances. Our experienced engineers are experts in handling the unique requirements of fume cupboards, ensuring compliance with current safety regulations.

Pharmaceutical Fume Cupboard Maintenance

In addition to comprehensive testing, Holliday Technical Services specialises in complete pharmaceutical fume cupboard maintenance solutions tailored specifically for UK laboratories. We understand the importance of keeping your fume cupboards operating at peak performance to ensure the safety and productivity of your research environment.

New Fume Cupboards For Pharmaceuticals 

Your one-stop shop for pharmaceutical fume cupboard solutions. Beyond maintenance and testing, Holliday Technical Services simplifies the process of acquiring new fume cupboards for your pharmaceutical laboratory. We understand that selecting the right equipment can be a complex task, and we are here to help.

Fume Cupboard Repair For Pharma Laboratories

When unexpected issues arise with your fume cupboards, Holliday Technical Services is here to provide swift and reliable repair solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories across the UK. We understand that any downtime in your research environment can be costly and disruptive, which is why we prioritise rapid response and efficient repairs.

Refurbished Laboratory Fume Cupboards

Maximise your pharmaceutical lab's budget and sustainability efforts with high-quality refurbished fume cupboards from HTS. Our carefully curated selection of refurbished units changes weekly, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for your laboratory needs. With the increasing demand for budget-conscious options in the pharmaceutical industry, our refurbished fume cupboards are in high demand. Speak to our team today.

Fume Cupboard Replacement Parts

Keep your pharmaceutical fume cupboards operating at peak performance with Holliday Technical Services, your trusted source for replacement parts. We understand that maintaining the safety and efficiency of your lab equipment is paramount, which is why we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality components specifically tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical laboratories.

Partnering with UK Pharmaceutical Laboratories: Fume Cupboard Excellence

At Holliday Technical Services, we understand the critical role fume cupboards play in safeguarding pharmaceutical research and development.

Our team of skilled, DBS-checked engineers is dedicated to ensuring the safety and compliance of your fume cupboards. We collaborate with pharmaceutical laboratories across the UK, providing tailored testing and maintenance solutions that meet the unique demands of your research environment.

Why Choose Holliday Technical Services for Your Pharmaceutical Lab?

  • Pharmaceutical Expertise: We possess in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements and regulations governing fume cupboard usage in pharmaceutical labs. Our experience ensures your facility adheres to the highest safety and compliance standards.

  • Comprehensive Fume Cupboard Solutions: Our comprehensive range of services covers everything from thorough examinations and testing to repairs, maintenance, and supply of specialised parts. We are your one-stop shop for all your fume cupboard needs, simplifying management and minimising downtime.

  • Collaborative Partnership: We believe in building strong relationships with our clients. We work closely with your team to understand your laboratory's unique workflows and research objectives, tailoring our services to optimise safety and efficiency.

  • Unwavering Commitment to Safety: The safety of your personnel and research is our top priority. We meticulously inspect and test every fume cupboard, ensuring flawless functionality and compliance with stringent pharmaceutical industry standards.

  • UK-Wide Coverage: Our services are available to pharmaceutical laboratories throughout the UK, providing convenient and responsive support wherever you are located.

Let Holliday Technical Services be your trusted partner in maintaining a safe, compliant, and efficient research environment within your UK pharmaceutical laboratory.

Contact us today to discuss your specific fume cupboard needs and discover how we can help you achieve optimal performance and safety.

COSHH Compliance: Safeguarding Your UK Pharmaceutical Lab

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) 2002 regulations are paramount in protecting employees from exposure to hazardous substances, especially within the highly regulated environment of UK pharmaceutical laboratories. Fume cupboards, equipped with their integral local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems, are critical in mitigating risks associated with the handling of potent pharmaceutical compounds.

COSHH Regulation 9 specifically mandates proactive maintenance and thorough examination of LEV systems, including fume cupboards, to ensure optimal control and protection. This involves maintaining fume cupboards in peak working condition, conducting thorough examinations and testing at least every 14 months, and potentially more frequently for high-risk pharmaceutical processes.

For UK pharmaceutical laboratories, adhering to COSHH regulations is not only a legal obligation but a fundamental aspect of ensuring the safety and well-being of your research staff and the integrity of your research. Partnering with a qualified service provider like Holliday Technical Services, specialising in fume cupboard testing and maintenance for pharmaceutical facilities, ensures your lab meets and exceeds these critical safety standards.

By prioritising COSHH compliance and investing in expert fume cupboard maintenance, your pharmaceutical lab fosters a safe, productive, and compliant research environment, enabling you to focus on your critical work with confidence.

View the COSHH Regulations

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Pharmaceutical fume cupboard Faqs

How Often Should Fume Cupboards in UK Pharmaceutical Labs Be Tested?

UK regulations, specifically the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), mandate that fume cupboards in pharmaceutical laboratories undergo a thorough examination and testing at least every 14 months. This ensures that your fume cupboards consistently operate at peak performance, effectively containing and removing hazardous pharmaceutical substances, and safeguarding the health and safety of your research personnel.

Increased Frequency for High-Risk Labs

Pharmaceutical labs handling particularly high-risk compounds or utilising fume cupboards frequently may require more frequent testing to maintain optimal safety standards. It's crucial to assess your specific laboratory practices and consult with experts to determine the appropriate testing schedule for your facility.

Holliday Technical Services: Your Partner in Pharmaceutical Fume Cupboard Safety

Holliday Technical Services specialises in fume cupboard testing and maintenance for the pharmaceutical industry in the UK. We understand the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical labs and are committed to ensuring your fume cupboards operate safely and effectively. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and develop a testing schedule that meets your lab's unique requirements.

How do you ensure the safety and compliance of fume cupboards in UK pharmaceutical labs?

Our highly trained engineers meticulously inspect and test your pharmaceutical fume cupboards, adhering to the stringent standards set out in BS EN 14175-4:2004, BS 7989 and HSG 258. This comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Thorough Visual Inspection: A meticulous examination of all fume cupboard components, identifying any signs of damage, wear, or potential hazards specific to pharmaceutical applications.

  • Precise Airflow Measurement: Accurate measurement of the face velocity and airflow patterns within the fume cupboard, ensuring optimal containment of hazardous pharmaceutical substances and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Pharmaceutical Expertise: Our engineers possess in-depth knowledge of the unique demands of pharmaceutical laboratories, allowing them to tailor the testing process to the specific substances and processes used in your facility.

By adhering to these rigorous standards and leveraging our extensive experience in pharmaceutical fume cupboard testing, we guarantee the safety, compliance, and optimal performance of your critical equipment. Trust Holliday Technical Services, with over 18 years of experience, to safeguard your pharmaceutical research and ensure the well-being of your staff. Contact Us 

What Standards Do Fume Cupboards in UK Pharmaceutical Labs Need to Meet?

UK pharmaceutical laboratories must adhere to stringent safety standards for fume cupboards to ensure the protection of staff and the integrity of research. For ducted fume cupboards, the primary standard is BS EN 14175, which outlines critical guidelines for design, construction, and performance. For ductless filtered fume cupboards, BS 7989 is the applicable standard.

These standards, along with other relevant regulations such as HSG 258 and COSHH, provide a framework for ensuring fume cupboards effectively contain and remove hazardous pharmaceutical substances. They cover aspects like face velocity, containment, filter efficiency, and overall safety features.

At Holliday Technical Services, we are fully committed to upholding these standards in all our fume cupboard testing and maintenance services. Our experienced engineers meticulously assess your fume cupboards, regardless of type, to ensure they meet or exceed the requirements of all relevant standards and regulations. We guarantee optimal safety and compliance for your pharmaceutical lab, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your critical research.

With over 18 years of experience serving the pharmaceutical industry, we have a proven track record of providing outstanding fume cupboard testing and maintenance services that adhere to the highest safety standards. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and ensure your lab's fume cupboards are operating safely and effectively.

When Should You Replace Your Fume Cupboard in a UK Pharmaceutical Lab?

While regular maintenance and testing can significantly extend the lifespan of your fume cupboards, there are situations where replacement becomes necessary to ensure optimal safety and performance in your pharmaceutical lab:

  1. Failed Safety Tests: If your fume cupboard consistently fails safety tests despite regular maintenance and filter replacements, it's a strong indicator that it may no longer be effectively protecting your personnel and research.

  2. Obsolete Technology: Older fume cupboards may lack the advanced safety features and energy efficiency of newer models. Upgrading to a modern fume cupboard can enhance safety, reduce operating costs, and improve the overall performance of your lab.

  3. Significant Damage or Wear: Extensive damage or wear to critical components like the sash, liner, or motor can compromise the fume cupboard's ability to contain hazardous substances. In such cases, replacement may be more cost-effective than repeated repairs.

  4. Changing Research Needs: If your pharmaceutical research involves new or different hazardous substances, your existing fume cupboard may not be adequately equipped to handle them. Upgrading to a model with specialised features or filtration systems can ensure proper containment and protection.

  5. Age: Fume cupboards typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years, depending on usage and maintenance. If your fume cupboard is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, proactive replacement can prevent unexpected breakdowns and safety risks.

Holliday Technical Services can assess your existing fume cupboards and provide expert recommendations on whether repair, maintenance, or replacement is the most appropriate course of action for your UK pharmaceutical lab. Our sister company Holliday Fielding Hocking Ltd is a UK specialist supplier of new fume cupboards and quality refurbished fume cupboards. They are the original fume cupboard provider serving the Uk for over 5 generations.

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